The YouTubers I’ve Been Been Binging During Quarantine

I have always been a big YouTube watcher but during quarantine my watch time has grown exponentially. Here are a few of the creators I’m loving right now.


Victoria Magrath is a great watch for people who love high-end fashion vloggers. (Her brand name is a play on “in the front row”) Despite being a designer fashion guru she is extremely down to earth and aware that her job allows her a lifestyle that most can only dream of.

Bottom Line: Great watch for when you want to feel boujee and dream a little.

Amelia Liana

On the same wavelength as Inthefrow, Amelia is another high-end fashion/beauty YouTuber. I’ve been bingeing her content lately and really relate to the fact that she is weathering quarantine in her apartment by herself.

Bottom Line: Nice long vlogs that feel like chatting with a girlfriend

Estée Lalonde

I have been watching Estée’s videos for years and have always loved her down-to-earth personality and minimal makeup look. If you are into skincare she is a great watch because she tries out tons of different products and is constantly reviewing them.

Bottom Line: Great relaxing and fun watch. More minimalist makeup and fashion look than the typical YouTuber.

Ingrid Nilsen

Ingrid is another YouTuber I’ve been watching for years and honestly one of my absolute faves. Since coming out as gay in 2015 she has expanded her videos repertoire to include not only beauty and fashion but also informative and helpful videos on topics such as feminism and sustainability.

Bottom Line: I can’t speak highly enough about Ingrid’s channel. Such amazing content. I always feel at home watching her videos.

Carrie Rad

Carrie’s channel is a nice relaxing place to go when you want a little more than just beauty tips. I’m a big fan of her gardening and planting content.

Bottom Line: Nice relaxed vibe for the viewer who wants more lifestyle videos

Kathleen Lights

I’m sad to say but I was extremely late to the Kathleen Lights party. I only discovered her during quarantine but let me tell you I am OBSESSED. As a Latina myself I love how that aspect of her comes into every video and how much loves she has for Miami and the culture there.

Bottom Line: Great watch for makeup lovers. She also adds a fun personality to all her videos.

Lisa Eldridge

To say I love Lisa Eldridge would be such an understatement. She is a professional makeup artist and uses her channel to teach viewers makeup tips and tricks. She never does any sponsored videos and donates the proceeds from her channel to charity every year. I have learned so much from her channel over the years and consider her like my “YouTube makeup mom.”

Bottom Line: Great channel for people wanting to learn more about makeup application and how to achieve certain looks.


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