THE 2021 Golden Globes Review

This year the Golden Globes were bi-coastal with Tina Fey co-hosting from New York and Amy Poehler co-hosting from Los Angeles. The small attendees at both locations were all healthcare workers while all the celebs Zoomed in from all over the world. The Globes were certainly different from any I’ve seen but after a year without red carpets and award shows it was nice to have a little bit of normalcy. This won’t be a list of who won (those are easily Googleable) but a catalog of the most important moments of the night.

The Best Tips for Dealing with Sensitive Skin

As someone who has struggled with sensitive skin since puberty I have had my fair share of mishaps trying to find what doesn’t irritate my skin or make it break out. In this guide I’ll talk about what works best for my skin and what doesn’t. The journey of acne prone and sensitive skin may suck but hopefully some of my tips help.

Fashion Trends Ariana Grande Has Inspired Over the Years

As a big Ari fan for a long time as well as a fan of fashion it’s been really interesting to see the trends she has inspired or helped push along. Of course, not all of these trends were started by just her but she most definitely gave them much more visibility. As much as she is a singing icon she is just as much a style icon.