The Best Tips for Dealing with Sensitive Skin

As someone who has struggled with sensitive skin since puberty I have had my fair share of mishaps trying to find what doesn’t irritate my skin or make it break out. In this guide I’ll talk about what works best for my skin and what doesn’t. The journey of acne prone and sensitive skin may suck but hopefully some of my tips help.


Overall, consistency has made the biggest difference in my skin. My skin craves consistency in both the products I use and the routine I have established. Even though I knew consistency was important for my skin there were many days in high school where I didn’t wash my face or didn’t bother to properly take off all my makeup. Today, I know that if I don’t do those things I am bound to have a pimple on my face the next morning. It’s just how my skin operates.

I also changed up the products I was using all the time as a teen which my skin did not appreciate. Nowadays, I have been using the same sensitive skin formula cleanser for about five years that my dermatologist recommended and I have no reason to try another.


This step definitely took the most time to understand and figure out. You have to figure out what products work on your skin and which ones don’t. Unfortunately it can be a lot of trial and error but hopefully these tips help.


I loveee the smell of scented products like face creams and the like. Unfortunately, my skin does not. Case in point, a few weeks ago I ran out of my daily moisturizer and borrowed my moms while I waited for mine to ship. It was a very expensive night cream by a high end brand but it smelled very strongly of rose. After a couple days my skin started getting really painful zits and I stopped using the moisturizer. Because I maintained consistency in my routine other than the moisturizer I knew it was the cream that was breaking me out.


Because I have been dealing with acne for such a long time I have a lot of acne scarring on my face. In the past year I began wearing sunscreen each and everyday on my face to prevent sun damage as well as the darkening of my scars. In a way they are like freckles the more exposure they get to the sun the darker and more set they will become.


Here’s the thing, most products at the drugstore break out my skin. It’s just the truth. However, there was a time when those products were all I could afford and even still sometimes I don’t have the money to buy all the fancy products that my skin craves.

If you can afford higher end products your skin will thank you. However, a high price tag does not equate to good skincare. Just take that higher end moisturizer that broke me out. It’s more about learning what products and ingredients your skin likes and buying more of those. For higher end products I recommend reading and watching reviews and doing your research before purchasing so your hard earned money doesn’t go to waste.


For me personally, ‘clean beauty’ works best on my skin. That is, products that are free of harsh ingredients, dyes and perfumes. The less unpronounceable words there are in my products the more my skin loves them. This does mean that a lot of the time I can’t try certain brands or new trending products though because I know they’ll break out my skin which can be frustrating.


Another tip I learned over time was to always keep certain items clean so as not to irritate skin.


I change my pillowcases much more often than the average person because I am hyper aware of how using one for too long will cause me to break out. I am also looking into buying myself a silk pillowcase because I have heard great things for both skin and hair.


As a teen I was guilty of pretty much never washing my makeup brushes which of course broke me out like crazy. Today, I am very stringent with cleaning my brushes and rotating them so I don’t use the same ones every day.


A lot of my friends think I’m crazy but I don’t wear a face mask for more than one day. After I’ve worn them for one day I throw them in the wash. My skin breaks out so easily that putting something on my face that has old dirty skin cells on it just breaks me out. Because of this I have a lot of masks in my laundry all the time.


This tip is as old as time but it’s true. Don’t pick, pop, or squeeze. The less I touch my face the better and less irritated it is.

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