THE 2021 Golden Globes Review

This year the Golden Globes were bi-coastal with Tina Fey co-hosting from New York and Amy Poehler co-hosting from Los Angeles. The small attendees at both locations were all healthcare workers while all the celebs Zoomed in from all over the world. The Globes were certainly different from any I’ve seen but after a year without red carpets and award shows it was nice to have a little bit of normalcy. This won’t be a list of who won (those are easily Googleable) but a catalog of the most important moments of the night.


Amy Poehler and Tina Fey need to host everything ever. These absolute queens were obviously spectacular and it honestly didn’t matter that they were on completely different coasts.


It is absolutely asinine that there are zero (that’s right zero!) black journalists in the HFPA (Hollywood Foreign Press Association the organization that nominates and chooses the winners of the awards) I was so happy my queens that Fey and Poehler called out and grilled the HFPA on this in their opening. But like really HFPA ?!


I audibly gasped when I saw Elle Fanning’s custom Gucci look. From her makeup to her gown she looked absolutely stunning. Elle is one of the most daring and fun individuals on the red carpet and this dress was no exception.


There was a bit in the middle of the show where young children were asked questions about the Golden Globes and the actors nominated. It was cute and the kids all gave funny answers. The bit ended though, with the kids all being asked who Chadwick Boseman was. And they all immediately said “Black Panther.” It was so pure and so beautiful and it brought unexpected tears to my eyes. It just reminded me of the importance of representation in media and was especially poignant at an awards show strikingly lacking in diversity.

Later in the night, Boseman won for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama and his wife accepted on his behalf. Her speech was beautiful and made tears stream down my face.

Jane Fonda Receiving the Cecil B. DeMille Award

Jane Fonda is one of the biggest badasses in Hollywood. She has been in some of the most impactful movies over the last 50 years, redefined exercising at home and has been one of the most public actor-activists. Her Globes speech was absolutely amazing as was her gorgeous white pantsuit.


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