My 2020 Beauty & Fashion Favorites

I cannot believe how this year simultaneously seemed to trudge on and also fly by. I still feel like March was two weeks ago. And DAMN it has been quiteeee a year. Since I love reading and watching people’s yearly favorites I decided to do one of my own. Lots of love Mar xx


Skin Drink Moisturizer from Lush

This year I began to think more about the skincare products I was putting on my face. As someone who has always struggled with acne and sensitive skin I finally decided to give the ‘less is more’ approach a try. I have always been a big fan of Lush products and the tenets the company stands for. This moisturizer was a dream come true for me. It is intensely hydrating. I feel like every moisturizer I try is just never moisturizing enough for me. This one really hit the spot though and is never irritating. One con I will point out with this product is that I absolutely despise the packaging. Every time I close it some moisturizer gets schmeared everywhere. But the product is so great that I put up with it. Also, if you bring five empty containers of this product back to a Lush store they will give a free ‘fresh’ face mask!

Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Hydrating Cleanser ~Creamy Formula

Technically, this is not a product I discovered this past year. My dermatologist recommended this product to me a few years ago and I have not strayed from it since. This cleanser comes in a creamy formula as well as a foaming one. I love how gentle this cleanser is and how it doesn’t make my skin feel tight after using it. I highly recommend anyone with dry sensitive skin or acne prone skin to check this product out.

Aquaphor Healing Ointment

This may seem like a super basic addition to this list but I am truly obsessed with Aquaphor. I always have it on me. I use it on my lips, face for dry spots and on any scratches from my cat. It’s such a simple must for me but it is most definitely a MUST.

Fresh~ Deep Hydration Facial Toner

Toners have always low-key scared me. I had only ever used or seen ones that were very drying or stripping and overall just not great for sensitive skin like mine. This toner by Fresh though really changed that narrative. The formula is super sensitive and helps to calm and balance my skin with no over drying. You can buy it in a trial size to see if you like it before diving in to buy the big momma bottle.

Shiseido ~ Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector

Going along my track of trying to take better care of my skin this year I started wearing a facial sunscreen daily. I was a bit nervous at first because my skin is so sensitive and my only experience putting sunscreen on my face was with the super-oily kind at the beach and that always made me break out horribly. But I will say that I really love this sunscreen and the formula. It is matte and oil-free and feels great on the skin. Any sensitive skin peeps should check this one out.

Clinique ~Take the Day Off ~Lids, Lashes and Lips

I use the Garnier micellar water to take off my facial makeup every night but this Clinique formula is amazing for eye makeup. It’s very oily and takes off all the tough stuff including waterproof mascara gently and with no stinging. Such a great everyday product.

Makeup (kinda)

OleHenriksen~ Banana Bright Face Primer

When I bought this product I was looking for a good primer that I could use under makeup as well as on it’s own. I found this one from OleHenriksen on Sephora’s website and fell in love once I tried it. The packaging is superb and comes with a pump which is so nice. It makes bare skin glow and look radiant and is great for under foundation.

itcosmetics Ulta Exclusive Foundation Brush

I hemmed and hawed over whether to include this makeup brush or not because you can no longer buy it but ultimately decided to include it because Ulta and itCosmetics bring out a new edition of this brush every year. First of all this is most definitely the most beautiful makeup brush I own. You can’t tell in the above photo but the brush itself is shaped like a heart. The sparkles at the bottom of the handle also move around in the liquid of the handle for a gorgeous glitter effect. It is technically considered a foundation brush but it is so versatile that I use it to apply pretty much all my face products. It’s really great for my cream blush and cream highlighter. This special edition makeup brush collab the two companies do every year benefits Look Good, Feel Better a program that helps women “face the effects of cancer treatments with confidence.”

Fashion (kinda)

Soludos ~Rainbow Wave Sneakers

I found this pair of shoes on the Stitch Fix app as a recommended product and immediately fell in love. I’m a big fan of comfy everyday sneakers and these were too cute and just so me. The embroidery on them is absolutely stunning. These shoes are definitely a little worse for wear at this point because I wear them so much but I highly recommend these shoes if you can get your hands on them.

Estée Lalonde Goddess Hexagonal Necklace 18Ct Gold Plate

My love for this necklace is absolutely infinite. I swoon over all of Estée’s collections with Daisy London and finally decided to make the plunge with this piece. I wear it all the time and consistently receive compliments on it. Anyone with a love for jewelry should check out Daisy London.


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